The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…Carbs

“Carbohydrates or Carbs (for short) is a macronutrient like protein or fat made up of three components.”

Let’s start with the “Bad” for a change. Everyone knows that eating too much sugar is bad for you. That’s right its sugar that would be the “Bad” part of the carbs. It earns this title because even though we are hard wired since birth to crave sugar or the taste of sweet for that matter, it really does not provide any nutritional benefit to your body other than fueling your system. Why is that so bad you might think..? Well the truth is that with this “fueling” comes cell breakdown and inflammation without building them back and cooling you back down, that’s where the term “empty calories” come from, “empty” because they don’t give you the two-by-fours to build your house back up after its destruction. When you come across the term “Glycemic index” of food, you now know that this means how fast you house is burning down; high glycemic load equals you better run and take cover.

Can it get any worse than this? Yes it can.. Then there is the “Ugly”.

Whereas you can see sugar coming, starches are the phantom carbs and indeed not pretty. Why?

Well, starch has the amazing ability to mimic the exact burning down the house effect like sugar does, but it comes with smiles..

Over the years we all came to know that Whole Grains are healthy for you, like a thirsty child knocking on your door and asking you for small cup of water. Would you deny the kid?

Let me tell you, you would if you knew that this kid has a devious plan. First a glass of water, then taking them to the park, before you know it you’ll be helping them through college. And then one day, one rosy afternoon you come home to a burned down house and a drained bank account….

Research actually indicates that the glycemic load of starches like whole grains, tapioca, potato or any white flour is higher than sugar.

Be Careful! Gluten Free Bread and “regular” bread is loaded with the “Ugly”

Is there any hope? Are carbs just something you should avoid all together?

The short answer is no. The “Good” carbs are there to lend his helping hand; Good old “Fibers”

Fiber is the one that cleans up the mess without taking a salary. Even though fiber is classified by law as a part of the carbs family, it really does not act like part of the family. Your body can’t digest fiber so you virtually can’t get calories from eating fiber. It travels through your system, cleaning it up with its brooms (insoluble fiber) and sponges (soluble fiber) keeping your house clean. It does not care if your house is burning, it stays there working through it all trying to save it, undeterred helping you through the scary night.

Smart Baking provides you with the “Good”