Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. How are the calories counted on your nutritional labels?
    A. Our nutrition labels are governed by the rules of the FDA. So, calories are typically counted based on the total protein, fat and carb content of the food. Protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram and fat accounts for 9 calories per gram. The FDA allows the deductions of  insoluble fibers of the total carb count to calculate total calories from carbs. Since our products are loaded with insoluble fibers, we do not include them in the calorie calculation. Sugar alcohols are considered carbs. However, if Erythritol is the only sugar alcohol listed, all of the grams of sugar alcohol can be subtracted.


  • Q. How can Smart Baking Company claim healthy cake?
    A. The FDA has specific “short list indicators,” or requirements for food in order to qualify for making claims pertaining to “health, healthy, healthier, healthfulness” etc. Considering that we meet FDA’s criteria, we are allowed to use this claims.


  • Q. How can you guarantee that your products are gluten-free?
    A. We have a strict dedicated gluten-free facility that manufactures only GF products. All the ingredients that enter our facility are verified gluten-free.


  • Q. What is the best method to keep the SmartBun fresh?
    A. Currently we are sending the SmartBUNs in frozen condition to its destination without the use of dry ice or ice packs. This means that the products thaw during transit. Please freeze the buns upon arrival and thaw out the number of buns to be consumed the same day.


  • Q. Are your products non-GMO?
    A. Yes, they are. We independently lab test our products to ensure that our products don’t contain any GMO’s.


  • Q. Is the corn fiber non-GMO?
    A. Yes, we source our corn fiber from reliable non-GMO sources with the proper and confirming documentation.


  • Q. How many weight watchers points are in the Smartcake and SmartBUN?
    A. According to the new weight watchers points plus system, both of our products are 1 point per cake and bun. Please view our products about pages for a full listing of the ingredients and nutritional labels.


  • Q. What type of flour do you use in your products?
    A. We do not use any flour in our products, only the pure fiber content from naturally GF plant sources. From this we make our own proprietary fiber blend.


  • Q. Do your products contain any preservatives?
    A. We preserve our products only by natural means and ingredients, by controlling the packaging atmosphere and applying a natural preservative. For more info, please contact us and we’ll be happy to further inform you about our methods.


  • Q. What is Erythritol?
    A. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is a natural no-calorie sweetener. Sugar alcohols are sugar substitutes that are extracted from plants. 90% of Erythritol is digested in the small intestine so only little reaches the colon, which makes it much easier to digest than any other sugar alcohol. Further, it’s Non-glycemic (it does not raise blood sugar levels), Non-carcinogenic and virtually Non-Caloric with antioxidant properties. With about 70% of the sweetness of regular sugar, it’s a very pleasant and beneficial alternative.


  • Q: You list Erythritol on the nutritional label, what impact on the calorie count does it have?
    A. Erythritol is considered to be virtually calorie free, and due to the relative small amount we use in our products its calorie contribution is <1.


  • Q. Are your products vegan or vegetarian?
    A. Vegetarians who do consume dairy and egg products (so called, Ovo-Lacto-vegetarians) can enjoy all of our products. Because of this, unfortunately our products would not be suitable for vegans.


  • Q. Are the products diabetic friendly?
    A. Our products are completely free of digestible carbohydrates; no sugar, no starch. In addition, the high fiber and protein content allows for a slow, balanced digestion and strong support for a person’s natural metabolism. Therefore, yes our products are diabetic friendly. However, please consult with your physician before modifying your diet.


  • Q. Are your products safe for kids?
    A. We dedicate ourselves to making all of our products safe for everyone which includes kids. However, we encourage the parent/guardian to carefully read the information on the nutrition label and ingredient list to make sure the child’s specific food intolerance is not compromised.