Gluten Free 101

Gluten free is an advisable way to consume food products. However, having said that, please do not consider it to be the “no brainer” solution for a healthy diet.

There definitely needs to be a distinction between Gluten Free products and Healthy Gluten Free products. Please follow our blogs to see what we mean.

But for this page, we focus on: What is Gluten and What is Gluten free

Gluten according to Wikipedia is:
from Latin gluten, “glue” is a protein composite found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye. Gluten gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape and often gives the final product a chewy texture.

Ok, now we know what gluten is, why is this an issue? Well, it turns out that millions of Americans and people all over the Globe, are showing symptoms of IBS or irritable bowl syndrome and celiacs disease. The reason: Gluten.

So now consumers are getting more and more aware of the negative effects of consuming gluten laden products, like breads, pasta’s and almost everything else processed containing grain.

More and more companies see the need for such products and every year, new gluten free products hit the supermarket shelves.

That great and that is what business is all about: Identifying a problem and introducing a solution.
However, when celebrities or people with influence are promoting Gluten Free products as healthy or as a weight loss solution without a scientific facts, the story becomes the truth.

Eating gluten Free is a great way of avoiding lots of dietary related health problems. And to a certain extend, it is a healthy way of eating. The trick is to consume wisely. For example, A carrot is a gluten free product and a rice cookie is a gluten free product. Both gluten free, but the carrot is a whole food and has on average about 200% of vitamin A. The gluten free cookie on the other hand might be full of sugar, fat and starch. Both can claim gluten free, but I would suggest the carrot over the cookie any day.

The most important thing is to keep reading labels. Not because a product is gluten free it means its a great choice.