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“OMG! These are delicious and not dry, crumbly like I expected. Worth the money. Also, very fast shipping.”

JulesWorth the money; Delicious!

“These things are as delicious as they are macro-nutrient friendly. The coconut flavor is sweet and toasty like a coconut macaroon and the texture is crumbly but not at all dry, like something halfway between a sponge cake and a yellow cake. These little cakes amazingly have ZERO net carbs, 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 2.5 grams of fat all for less than 40 calories. Additionally, the high quality ingredients (no soy, grains, starches) make this product one of the best snack products out there. I would highly recommend these to anyone who loves sweets and having a thin waist.”

Colin P.Best Low Calorie Snack

“just tasted these for the first time yesterday, they are the best things ever !! The packaging is really good and the portions are a good size. Very satisfying. I dont watch my gluten so I cant compare to other gluten free item. I couldnt tell a difference so I would guess that is a good thing for those that are looking for gluten free products., I picked them up because they were cinnamon. I came here hoping Amazon carried them because after reading the packaging , as I was licking my fingers, I saw how low cal, and healthy these actually are. Hoping Amazon carries all their line in the future. Cant wait to try the hamburger buns, My blood sugar will be thanking me for finding these products too !”

ChowesPrepare to be blown away !

“These taste really good! After being in nutritional ketosis for a couple of month and not really craving sweets anymore, I tried these and will order more. A little bit crumbly and messy to eat, but very good!”

R. FreezeThese taste really good!

“Arrived way sooner than expected! Love these, so delicious!! Will be ordering again soon!”

lukifer24Guilt free Keto snack

“Sooo good & filling. Tastes like chocolate cake. Haven't tried other flavors.”

AprilFive Stars

“These are absolutely delicious! Makes my life a whole lot easier when it comes to going low carb. I have been craving sweets lately, so I look forward to calming my sweetheart tooth down with these. So far, this coconut flavor is the only one that I have tried. I'm definitely going to stock these in the pantry.”

skk14Great for Keto/Low Carb Crowd

“Super yummy and surprisingly moist for a GF cake! Cinnamon was our favorite (reminiscent of Tastykakes), with Coconut a fast favorite too. Chocolate wasn't bad, but added to a 1/2 c of Halo Top ice cream elevated it to perfection!

They are on the small side, with each package containing 2 cakes. The cake is more like a medium sized cupcake size, even comes in a little paper cup. It's about 3-4 bites, but very rich and satisfying. Perfect when you want to satisfy a sweet tooth without ruining your diet.

Perfect for GF, Diabetics and Weight Watchers (only 1 sp per cake!)”

MGYummy cakes!

“They surpassed my expectations. Excellent!”

Lana BExcellent!

“Smart cakes are so good you won't even know they are super low calorie & no carb! I love them!!! I've had the cinnamon & coconut, both are great. Expecting an order any day that includes the chocolate & some smart buns, can't wait to try those as well!”

Jodi W.Smartcakes are so good!

“These are SOOOO good, especially for a low-carb snack.”


“I order these directly from Smart Baking Company. They are perfect for hitting that sweet spot. Easy to eat on the go. I enjoy them refrigerated, but my family prefers to make them gooey and warm in the microwave for a few seconds. We started eating these and the Smart Buns about a year ago and will continue to do so!”

FloridaLight, Chocolatey, Sweet & Petite!

“5 out of 5
I follow a low carb/keto lifestyle and these cakes are the only thing keeping me from eating an entire plate of sugar. The coconut is my fav but you can't go wrong with any of the other flavors. I usually add a little fresh whipped, heavy whipping cream and a few raspberries. So excited to finally get these on Amazon!”

Torie EwaldYou need these in your life

“These are delicious AND low carb. I highly recommend them. I've purchased them several times.”

Kathy FodgeDelicious and low carb

“These sweet little chocolate cakes are awesome! Only 38 calories each and 0g net carbs. Great for low carb diets like Trim Healthy Mama. They are light and a little crumbly. They definitely help when you need a chocolate fix and low carbs. Can't wait to try the other flavors.”

Christina C HoffmanChocolate fix and low carb!

“Delicious !! Ordering more and subscribing to the monthly delivery !”


“I loved my the smartcakes that I ordered! Coconut was my favorite flavor. It was nice to enjoy a keto-friendly treat without spending hours doing the baking.”

nicki7901Keto friendly!

“I have tried the cinnamon and coconut smart cakes and they are both good. The cakes are small, light, and airy. The artificial sweetness is not overly sweet. I like to keep them in the fridge or freezer and then microwave them when I'm craving something sweet. They're even good for breakfast.”

JInmanI have tried the cinnamon and coconut smart cakes and they are both good

“Love the chocolate SmartCAKEs. I shared with friends and all enjoyed them. I am ordering them again today.”

VetaBFive Stars

“This is my go to snack!! Love the coconut my husband likes the chocolate!! Best Gluten Free and carb friendly cake I have had!! The buns are also good!”

Amazon CustomerLove Smartcakes

“Being on a low carb diet and gluten intolerant, these are fantastic! A nice treat that you can have without the guilt. They taste great. Love my Smartcakes!”

nicole mLove!

“Such a fun treat for those of us who are used to having to make everything from scratch!”

OfTheShireFinally a snack cake for the rest of us!

“Great product! If you are watching carbs and sugar, you need to eat these. They are an amazing dessert.”

A. RaygoFive Stars

“These are absolutely amazing. So soft and delicious. Well worth the money. They satisfy your sweet tooth and you don't feel deprived. Most definitely buy them”

carrie m. carrilloThese are absolutely amazing. So soft and delicious

“Well, I'm hooked! Holy mackerel. So good!”

DrSo good!

“Incredibly delicious”

TessFive Stars

“I have tried the coconut and cinnamon cakes and they are Fantastic! Gluten free and tastes good. The hardest thing for me is to not eat them all at once.”

Kimberly RayrayTried the coconut and cinnamon cakes and they are Fantastic!

“These are some of the best low carb treats I have tasted!”

CaecussciusFive Stars

“These cakes are great! They melt in your mouth and taste like the real deal! I can’t believe they are only 38 calories and no sugar or starch! Lifetime customer for sure.”

Gabrielle BrowningSmartcake all day, everyday!

“These little gems are amazing! So glad i found them so i can have a sweet treat from time to time and not sway from my Keto diet! You are a lifesaver Smart cakes! Thank you so much! I actually love the coconut flavor too but the cinnamon is my favorite. The smart buns are amazing too!”

Trish HuneycuttSuper yummy treat for Keto diet!

“Love it!!!”

Mattia SaraceniFive Stars

“Coconut Smartcakes are a lifesaver when I want something sweet without the carbs. These cakes are moist and flavorful, our favorite of the three available flavors.”

Ryan CumminsLove these cakes!

“These gave me, my mom and my granddaughter (good) cake again! So grateful for smartcakes!”


“Not dry. Great taste. Definitely would recommend.”

KellyVery good!

“Amazing product! Expensive but they taste amazing!!!”

Amazon CustomerFive Stars

“I first tried these in a Keto Krate... and I love them! I ordered several to keep in my freezer.. easy to pull out and thaw - ideal for a quick and easy sweet tooth attack. Of course they aren’t identical to the real sugar item, but they are the best pre-made substitute I have found thus far. Order some, it’s worth it!”

Catherine ShinabargerA Diabetic’s Little Debbie

“I love these little cakes! They fit perfectly into Weight Watchers and I can eat both little cakes for only 2 smart points! I like the other flavors too, and their Smart Buns! But check out their site for better pricing.”

SLESuper tasty and fit perfectly into my healthy diet!

“Sooooooo delicious!!!!!! Reordering asap”

Tiffany MuoioFive Stars

“We love all 3 flavors of the Smartcakes. The flavors and texture are fantastic. Plus they are very low calorie, high fibre and high protein. My wife and I have one each night (after the kids are in bed). Highly recommended!”

Michael B.Give them a try!!!

“Low Carb lifestyle for health and weight loss can become difficult when faced with the daunting task of baking to satisfy that brief desire for cake. I keep these on hand (freeze) so that I have for those times. Coconut with a great cup of tea at the end of an evening is enough to keep me from going off the deep end. I have taken my own SmartCake with me when attending a celebration so I am not tempted to give in to the temptation of white flour and sugar. A little pricey for some budgets, however at this point in my life I need to stay smart about my health. Coconut flavor is pronounced without an artificial taste. If you are T2D, keto, or lowcarb then I suggest you try !”

Evil QueenLow Carb and Yummy ... YES PLEASE

“Since receiving these in our monthly Keto Box this November we have ordered two cases of these delicious little cakes. Do yourself a favor on a low carb diet and order these. Best "diet" dessert ever! I actually feel like I'm cheating eating these. Yum!!”

Dawn AcquartBest "diet" dessert ever

“So darn yummy. It is a toss up between cinnamon and coconut. My go to treat on a low carb lifestyle.”

D. KirkYummy

“Arrived sooner than expected. These have great KETO macros. The chocolate were pretty good, but a little boring. Super fluffy, definitely buying again and trying the other flavors.”

Amazon CustomerThese have great KETO macros

“excellent taste for low calorie count.”

joan byrneFive Stars

“I love these smartcakes! My favorites are the chocolate and the cinnamon. Low calorie, low carb, gluten free - just what I need! Each cake is only 1 Weight Watchers point. And, best of all, they are delicious!”

J2005Low Calorie, Low Carb, Gluten Free and Delicious!

“OMG!!! These 'cakes' are a life saver when I have a sweet tooth! Will be a staple in my pantry for now on!”

Paula BoudreauxLOVE EM!!!

“My favorite flavor, I love this company, everything they make is awesome.”

SillyGirlI love this company, everything they make is awesome.

“Low Carb Heaven !!! A rich brownie type of cake . So good .. i was shocked when i first bit into the cake, Kind of crumbly but eating with a spoon no problem.”

DivaDonnaBest Cake Ever